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Protect your Android Smartphone and Tablet from Malware Threat

Protect your Android Smartphone and Tablet from Malware Threat

Android Smartphone and Tablets have become an important part of our life and we carry them along with us wherever we go. We can say that Smartphone are portable Computers that we carry along with us, Smartphone allow us to do everything what computers can do. We store some important data, Pictures, Apps, Videos and games which are valuable to us and in dream also we can’t think of losing them. But you will be well aware of that your Android Smartphone can be attacked by some dangerous and harmful malware or Viruses. Viruses like Trojans, rootkits, spyware, keyloggers are some of the names which sometimes attack your system and you lose your important and valuable data. Similarly there are many people who try to access your personal information, data and damage your device by creating such Malwares. Android OS has become popular and demanded in a very short period of time and it is very important to secure your Smartphone and tablet from such Malwares and viruses. In this article we are going to guide you with Simple steps to secure your Smartphone and Tablet from Such Virus or Malware.

How to protect your Android Smartphone and tablet from Malware Threat:

Step 1: If you want to download any apps or games you must choose the reliable and trusted streams via which you can download apps and games for your Smartphone and tablets. Google equipments are very strict towards malwares and the Android user community also plays an important role and take care malware and Virus. So we will suggest you to download apps from Google play Store or Amazon Appstore.

Step 2: You should turn off installing of apps and games from unknown source in your Smartphone and tablet setting. This will assure that nothing is installed from other streams except the officials ones.

Step 3: Another thing you must do before downloading an app is read its review and see its rating and if it is from a well known developer, it is very rare that you will face any problem. But you must see the ratings and we suggest you to choose apps with a minimum rating of 3 stars.

Step 4: While installing an app to your Smartphone or tablet you must be careful and read the permissions that an app is asking for very carefully and then decide for yourself whether you want that app or not. When a simple game asks your contacts or a torch app which asks your internet connection, you must not install such an app as they are very risky and may harm your data or phone.

Step 5: You should never access the links which are shown in mass-broadcast messages/emails from your phone as you don’t know what is there hiding inside the URL and it is not possible to check on Smartphone to check whether that URL is safe or not. Phishing scams advances under unrestricted access from your web browser.

Step 6: If your device has been rooted, then you must be extra careful about granting Superuser access to any app. Be sure that you know the purpose of the SU access and you must trust developer enough to grant it. This is highest level of access that anyone can have from your Android device, so be really careful.

Step 7: You must never ever use the pirated app offer to you from illegitimate sources. It is not that it not ethical but such apps the maximum threat and in that you not be able to understand that how the pirated APK has been changed. You will hardly save a dollar but afterwards your device may get damaged in which you have to spend much more.

Step 8: It is always advisable that you must keep your phone locked for security as something unwanted may gain access to your device and get installed without your knowledge and after sometime it is too late. You must have a remote wipe app for your Android device so that you Smartphone and tablet be safer always.

Step 9: You must have some trusted and nice security apps for your Smartphone and tab, there are plenty of excellent apps available in Google Play store you can easily have them. Some nice security apps are Avast! Free Mobile Security, Lookout Mobile Security and Norton Mobile Security. But you can also have other security apps according to your preference.

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