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Review: Man of Steel game for Android

Man of Steel Android game

Man of Steel is the biggest and most ambitious blockbuster this summer, as it offers a typically bleak Nolan-esque take on the origins of Superman.

The Kryptonian Übermensch is often maligned for being too much of a boy scout, and just too perfect to be a relatable superhero (as paradoxical as that sounds), but is the latest movie tie-in game on Android from Warner Bros. just as good? Read on to know more.

It only takes a few minutes of playing time to realize that this Man of Steel game is heavily inspired by the slash ‘n’ hack gameplay made so popular by the likes of God of War, Infinity Blade, Blood and Glory, among others. Unlike those games, however, there are no swords – it’s all mano-a-mano. You get to fight the likes of the villainous Faora and (of course) General Zod in both a story mode and survival mode.

Using Superman’s brute strength to simply send an enemy crashing into a building with a single punch, or launching an upper hook to send the enemy up in the air while your character incessantly punches him does look quite cool initially, but it gets old fast. There tends to be a point beyond which games like this get monotonous, and Man of Steel gets to that point rather quickly.

Moreover, the game simply isn’t smooth or stable enough to continue for too long! I got a lot of choppy frames while I was playing this game, and it force closed a number of times as well.

At $4.99, Man of Steel may be somewhat reasonably priced for a premium movie tie-in game, but little else about it shouts ‘premium quality’, in all honesty. It does feel like this game was made on a deadline, and the fact that plenty of corners were cut to make this game happen show in their full, ugly glory. In effect, this is a lot like the shoddy Iron Man 3 tie-in game that was launched a while back, but it was at least free, if nothing else.

My verdict? Buy Man of Steel only if you must (or just go watch the movie instead!).

Rating: 1.5/5

Download: Google Play

Release ID: 139

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