Samsung Galaxy S 4 Review Roundup

by Anurag R on April 24, 2013

Samsung Galaxy S4 SmartphoneSamsung may be inundating the tech world with tablets such as the Note 8.0 and the rumors about the Galaxy Tab 3, the Nexus / ‘Roma’, or one of the many other gadgets they churn out every other month.

But all eyes are and have always been on its crown jewel – the Samsung Galaxy S 4 Android smartphone. Its global launch is imminent now, and there have been plenty of reviews that have aired their opinions about the new smartphone.

Read on to find out about what the cream of the crop among them had to say!
The consensus seems to be that Samsung have adopted Apple’s model of launching an incremental, evolutionary device, rather than a revolutionary one. One thing that certainly hasn’t changed is Samsung’s now trademark lack of design aesthetic.
The S 4 “makes an awful first impression, slippery and slimy and simply unpleasant in your hand….Everyone I showed the GS4 to frowned and wrinkled their nose as if it smelled bad, before rubbing their fingers on the back of the phone and then handing it back to me” said David Pierce, for The Verge’s review of the new Samsung flagship phone.
TIME’s review by Harry McCracken made a reference to Samsung’s gimmicky software flourishes such as Air View, Air Gesture, and Smart Screen: “None of these features are transcendent breakthroughs. For the most part, they work only in Samsung’s own apps… They’re also a mixed bag in terms of practical utility and reliability.
The screen and camera have been praised a great deal as well. The GigaOM review touts the “full-HD (1920 x 1080) display with 441 pixels per inch. The clarity is stunning, particularly for images and videos, although text is crisp as well. Samsung’s Super AMOLED technology has improved also. Colors don’t appear over-saturated as they did in prior Samsung handsets.”
Engadget’s Brad Molen says that the Galaxy S 4 “has better battery life, the same smooth performance and beautiful display.” He went on to praise the presence of a microSDXC and a removable battery cell, along with the camera’s performance in daylight shots.
Walt Mossberg of AllThingsD ended with an opinion that was shared by most other reviewers – that the HTC One is a far more polished and desirable Android phone and a genuinely brilliant alternative to the Galaxy S 4. In fact, the S 4 should only be an option for a consumer if “If you’re a nut for lists of new features, love Samsung or crave an even bigger display…..It’s a good phone, just not a great one.

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