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Samsung wants you to buy a new Galaxy Tab or Note for perks like 50 GB Dropbox storage


Once upon a time, Samsung tablets used to be the foremost alternatives to buying Apple iPads, and they had the added advantage of being based in Google’s Android mobile OS, making them cheaper and yet attractive to users who were invested in Google’s content ecosystem.

Their recent tablets have been abysmal though, from either pricing or hardware standpoints (or both), and they have seemingly ceded the positive buzz that they once had for their products to the likes of Google’s Nexus 7 (both old and new), the Amazon Kindle Fire HD, and even some Lenovo tablets, if recent reports are to be believed.

In fact, Samsung’s hubris has been best exhibited by the fact that their iPad Mini rival, the Galaxy Note 8.0, was priced much higher than the Mini itself at $399, all in the name of an added stylus.

Now, they’ve introduced perks for new buyers of that very tablet, along with the likes of the Tab 3 7”, 8” and 10.1”, and the hitherto unheard of Galaxy Tab 2 10.1 Student Edition.

They are offering 50 GBs of free Dropbox storage (worth $120) to all of the new buyers of those tablets. Moreover, Note 8.0 comes with $25 of Google Play credit, $50 of credit for Samsung’s very own WatchOn movie store, 3 months of Hulu Plus Membership, and 12 months of Boingo Wi-Fi access.

The various editions of the Galaxy Tab 3 and the Tab 2 10.1 get the slightly shorter end of the stick though, as they come with just $10 of Google Play credit, along with the same duration of Hulu Plus and Boingo memberships.

You can redeem rewards for your new Galaxy tablet by going to the official Samsung page for it here.

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