Selecting eReaders for Kids

by Andy Brock on January 27, 2012

eReaders for KidsMore people are looking into ereaders for kids whether they want to give their children an early start on reading or encourage their children to read more with a device which, in turn, helps the child to be more technology proficient.

Electronic devices, whether computers, tablets or ereaders, are becoming a larger part of our lives and the sooner a person begins to leverage it the better.
There are many ereaders on the market right now, so understanding what kind of ereaders are available and what will work best for your child is a good place to start. Here are some things to help you narrow the decision.
If you are looking for an ereader with interactive capabilities, you may look at an ereader like the Nook. The Nook Color, provides rich features which is good for many of the picture books available for children and Barnes & Noble has a specific area on their website dedicated to buying these types of books.
Not only do these books allow kids to interact with the book, but some are also “Read to Me” stories that include sounds. These sounds may be a voice reading aloud while other books may have sounds such as dialogue from films or television shows.
Your child’s age
It is also important that you choose a device that is appropriate for your child’s age. An ereader designed for children between ages 3 and 5 may not be the best device for your teen.
Vtech V eReader
For instance, the V-tech V eReader is developed for children ages 3 to 8 that helps develop reading skills by reads out loud beginning sounds, ordinals and other sounds.
If you have an older child or more advanced reader who is beginning to read full texts, you can go with a more mature device like the Sony Digital Reader Pocket Version that is more innovative. This device is a lightweight, so it is easy for kids to carry around and has touchscreen capabilities but does not include WiFi or 3G.
How many books will it hold
You may also want to consider how much information the ereader can store. The Amazon Kindle 3 can store up to 1400 books, which can be a great benefit when you want to give your child a reason to keep reading without getting bored from a lack of variety.
Of course, you will also want to consider the price of the ereader when you make a choice. eReaders made specifically for children like the V-tech device tend to be a little less expensive and have features such as durability and spill-proof capabilities. However, the pricier devices may be worth the investment if you plan to have a device your child will not outgrow.

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sheryl February 11, 2012 at 12:24 am

a BIG consideration, not often looked into BEFORE purchase is the cost of the books. Yes BN has some cute, interactive books but they are VERY expensive. the V reader is a great choice for your younger ones, but again the books can be pricey. It is sturdier for young hands though. A good choice for age 9+ is the kindle $79 model. Kindle books end to be cheaper, sink is better for the eyes and you can borrow great books from the library including judy moody, hardy boys, classics etc. if you really want a tablet for picture books get the kindle fire.


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