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Spatio: A Facebook app that’s better than Facebook for Android


Spatio is a new Facebook client for Android that makes accessing the ubiquitous social network a lot less annoying on mobile devices.

If you’re a moderate-to-heavy Facebook user with and have an Android phone like me, you should certainly give Spatio a shot. Read on to know more about it!

Let’s get one thing straight – I’m a stickler for well-designed, zippy apps, and Facebook’s official Android app is the very antithesis of that.

It has always been a bloated and rather laggy app, and even after it went native, its UX was still unpleasant enough for me to prefer using the mobile site in my phone browser instead.

There’s a lot that I liked about Spatio, and a lot of it may be based on the fact that it seems to be quite similar to Falcon Pro, another nifty third-party Twitter client for Android that knows how to keep things clean and minimal, and easily bests the official app in most ways.

For starters, it’s an app that follows Google’s Holo UI guidelines, making for a clean and uncluttered browsing experience.

Opening any post or image is extremely snappy, and the scrolling through your news feed takes one little flick for it to zip up or down.

You can post an update or upload photos in a flash, and in the case of the latter, even decide whether you want to upload a photo in low, medium or high quality, in case you’re low on bandwidth.

What’s not to like in Spatio, you ask? Well, the ads in it are quite conspicuous, and unfortunately non-removable, as the developers apparently can’t create a paid app in their country for Google Play.
Then again, Facebook is just as obtrusive when pushing its advertisements into the faces of its users, so there’s not much that can be done here.

Moreover, the option of sharing updates with custom lists only does not seem to be present either. Finally, I didn’t find any way to browse through multiple images in an album – that’s something that the official Facebook app makes a breeze.

All in all, Spatio is not exactly as flawless a Facebook app as, say, Falcon Pro is a Twitter app. It has some strange usage issues, but they aren’t exactly irredeemable – one would imagine it’ll take just an update or the devs to sort out my quibbles. Otherwise, you certainly should give it a shot!

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