Sprint’s Samsung Galaxy Tab for $99.99 from Kmart

by Valli on August 9, 2011

Samsung Galaxy Tab, the first Android tab to hit the market released last year. At a time when Honeycomb was not out, Froyo was also a good enough bet for the 7inch tablet. It had pretty decent specs and users liked it for its size, features and capabilities. The one thing I didn’t like about it was the high price point.

At a time when 10inch Honeycomb tablets are making headlines, retailers obviously cannot ask the same price. Samsung Galaxy Tab from Sprint is now available for $99.99 with a two year contract at Kmart. At this price, the tablet is a good catch for its look, performance, and Google services. The device includes 32GB onboard storage, 3G/4G, WiFi, front and rear cameras, GPS, Bluetooth and a memory card slot. Plus it has the latest Android 2.3 version on board (for smartphones), Gingerbread and Samsung TouchWiz UI.
To make the Samsung Galaxy Tab experience even better, Google Movies is making its way to the Android tab. On opening up Android Market, the system prompts users to accept the terms and conditions again. On accepting them, the app shuts down. On invoking it again, you see the Movies tab on the Android Market interface. The update is rolling out to devices gradually but if you want to force it, try clearing the cache and run an update check. Google Movies is a popular service and it’s good to see Galaxy Tab users getting a slice of the fun.
It only gets better for Samsung’s Galaxy Tab series and its customers.
[via Sprintfeed, androidcentral]

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