The ASUS-Google Nexus Android tablet on the verge of a launch?

by Anurag R on May 24, 2012

Google Nexus Android Tablet

After all the whispers and conjecture regarding its very existence, Google’s rumored collaboration with Asustek Computers may just be bearing fruition in the form of an Android tablet PC.

Although there isn’t any indication of what Google and ASUS plan to call their creation as of yet, the tablet is referred to as a Nexus tablet on the lines of Google’s previous efforts in the smartphone sector, with the launch of the official, stock Android ICS bearing Samsung Galaxy Nexus phone.

This Android tablet is meant to give the sagging sales of Android tablets a veritable shot in the arm.
According to a Digitimes report, Google and ASUS plan to launch their 7 inch tablet in a couple of months. The initial shipments (set for June) are said to be a sizeable 600,000 units, indicating that Google has major hopes for the tablet’s success. The fact that the total shipments are expected to reach up to 2.5 million units by the end of this year further reinforces that theory.
The rumors we’ve already dealt with in the past include Google pricing the Nexus tablet well below the $200 price mark (perhaps even $149) to compete against Amazon’s Kindle Fire (which has blown away the budget tablet sector by itself); Google launching its own store to retail Android tablets (more specifically, its own Nexus tablet); perhaps most tellingly, Google planning to work with plenty of OEMs to come up with Nexus tablets and smartphones. Whether Google’s ambitions for its tablet are misplaced or not remains to be seen.
[via Digitimes]

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