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The Best iPad Screen Protector – Thin and Durable for your Protection

iPad Screen Protector

The iPad is a wonderful device, but it is also prone to smudges, fingerprints and the inevitable scratch. Anyone who has ever used a touch screen device whether it be a phone or tablet, without a doubt knows the importance of screen protectors.

Screen protectors come in all shapes and features, so how do you choose which protectors are the best?

In the past, we’ve looked at the more rugged shell type cases that provide some level of durability by actually placing the iPad into something, but today we are simply looking at the accessories that cover the screen.

Below are five of what I think to be the best iPad screen protectors, each of which offers a unique set of features and price to protect your touch screen investment. I also tried to capture which protectors fit which type of iPad and tried to provide at least one for each iPad.

ArmorSuit Military Shield

The Military Shield certain lives up to its name, providing a level of protection that is rarely seen in screen protectors. Not only can it protect the device from dust and scratches, but provides erosion and elemental protection for those fond of using the device outdoors. Perhaps the most novel feature is the inclusion of self-healing technology, which actually allows the film to “heal” itself from minor scratches over time. This is likely the most rugged screen protector on the market, short of buying actual military-grade hardware. Available for the first gen iPad and iPad 2.

GreatShield EZseal

The GreatShield screen protector is a well received product, generally thanks to the ease of use of the film. Unlike some other products, one simply has to apply the film directly to the screen. Once it is in place, it protects the iPad from scratches, dust and even stains. One can even write on the product, and the mark can be washed away with a bit of water. As one of the few screen protectors that is washable, it certainly deserves a spot as a contender for the best iPad screen protector. Designed for the iPad 2 and new iPad.

3X Reusable LCD Screen Shield

This screen protector is less notable for its protection than its utility. Like the other protectors available, it eliminates dust and scratches on the screen. Unlike others, though, it actually reduces the eye strain that some get when look at the iPad over extended periods of time. This washable, reusable film is wonderful for those that like to make use of the eRead apps on the device, though it is relatively difficult to place on the device without significant bubbles forming. Fits the first gen iPad.


The iVisor is one of the few screen protectors that actually attempts to add a bit of style. Attached to a rigid casing, this protector actually fits atop the iPad itself rather than simply sticking on the screen. The patented technology in the film itself leads to a higher level of touch-screen sensitivity, making the product one of the few to offer a legitimate improvement over the basic iPad design. While it is more costly than some of the other films, it may well be the best iPad screen protector on the market. Protectors fit the iPad 2 – black, iPad 2 – white and new iPad.

AcaseView Screen Protector Film

The Acase film takes a rather different tactic than the others on this list. Rather than boasting extra features, it simply does its job well. It is relatively easy to install without bubbles, and can protect the iPad from basic wear and tear. It does nothing to enhance the device, but it is reusable and washable. If you are looking for a screen protector that will simply provide an economical level of protection for the iPad, this is likely your best choice. This product fits the iPad 2 and new iPad but not the first generation iPad.

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