Three New York Times Top Authors Add to Amazon Kindle Singles

by Monica Samuel on May 23, 2011

Amazon started Kindle Singles in an effort to bring content to readers in a different kind of way. The idea was to present a single idea – thoroughly researched – to readers and elaborate on it at its natural length rather than meeting publishing or any other artificial criteria. The Kindle Singles have been a great hit with readers and the collection is growing every month.

The latest authors to contribute to Kindle Singles are New York Times bestselling writers:

Christopher Hitchens (Vanity Fair columnist) with The Enemy, described by him as an obituary for Osama bin Laden, it discusses the life and death of the Taliban chief and reasserts the truth that the threat of theocratic fanaticism is by no means dead and the values of secularism, libertarianism, internationalism, and solidarity will always need to be defended and reaffirmed.

Plum Sykes, author of Bergdorf Blondes with a narrative reminiscence of her first term at one of the world’s top universities Oxford Oxford Girl diving into an alien setting where high running emotions, snobbishness and artificiality go hand in hand, and her transition from an awkward girl to party animal.
Susan Orlean, one of America’s leading journalists with the rib-tickling and very eloquent Animalish – an interesting discourse of the author’s own obsession with animals, the place pets have in the world and her wide assortment of loved animals – dogs, cats, chickens, fish, cattle, turkeys, and guinea fowl, with horses, lions, and canaries thrown in.
Get the new Kindle Singles and get comfortable with a glass of wine for a great evening with the talented writers.
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