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Top 5 cloud services for online backup : save all your file online that never will erase

Top 5 cloud services for online backup

What, if you suddenly lost access to all of the stored files like business document, photos, videos, information, and other data on your hard-disc.  It might be time to think about a backup solution. you need to have a powerful online backup and sharing solution that backs up your data automatically on a secured cloud storage and make it available when you need. There are many web storage options, some better than others, some more costly than others and of course, each with its own approach and specific tools that makes them unique compared to others.

Having the knowledge of what are the best, and just need to decide which is the one that best fits your needs and choose to use one or even use them all. Here are the top 5 online storage services (cloud) that are free:

1. Dropbox

Top 5 cloud services for online backup - Dropbox

The cloud service par excellence, the most known and used. One of the pioneers. The service offers a score of 2 GB of free storage in the cloud, but can increase up to 8GB by invitation connection to Facebook and Twitter. Dropbox installs a folder on our users, whether Windows, Mac or Linux. In the Dropbox folder can upload any file without any constraint that the available storage. With recent versions, Dropbox can download only the folders that interest you, very useful if we use it on multiple computers. We may also share folders with other Dropbox users, as easily as right-> Dropbox-> Share Folder. Dropbear will create versions of the file that we edited and do not delete a file permanently until after a while.

On the other hand, Dropbox offers a comprehensive API, and widely used, which allows synchronization with any application. Dropbox is not a WebDAV application, but we can use to offer services such as DropDAV, to make it. Public Folder Dropbox allows us to use the service as a web server (very basic), and even as an exceptional CDN server, as a result, we may store some content in this folder, dramatically improving the load time of web .

Dropbox Client for BlackBerry is also disposable, IOS, Android, Symbian and Windows Phone.

2. iCloud

Top 5 cloud services for online backup - iCloud

Apple is the latest major entrant in to cloud storage services and it’s already rocking. iCloud is available on all iOS5 devices and it might actually shock you to know that you could even access iCloud on a Windows machine. iCloud lets you store music, photos and documents and you could access your content on your iPhone or iPad or iPod Touch. iCloud offer 5 GB of free cloud storage.

3. Box.net

Top 5 cloud services for online backup - Box

The Box.net Service, now offers a free 5GB but with many limitations, file upload limit, does not have an official client that can compete with the rest, it synchronizes folders, rather we must use the Web application to create . Box.net has some disadvantages but also advantages, is integrated with Google Docs, allowing us to share and edit files from it. In addition to Google Docs has a multitude of applications with which it is bound.

It also offers, from time to time, offers to get 50GB of storage instead of the standard 5GB. This is happening right now, a promotion which, if you have an Android handset (Sony Ericsson or LG) give us 50GB to get off the implementation of the Market. Something similar happened with the release of IOS 5.

4. Windows Live SkyDrive

Top 5 cloud services for online backup - Windows Live Sky Drive

This service is beginning to distance themselves from the rest, offering different options to integrate both Windows 7 and Windows Phone Mango after upgrade (Windows Phone 7.5). The Microsoft offers 25 GB for free accounts, but only 5GB can be synchronized with Windows directly. This service is really useful for users of Windows and Windows Phone, because integration is quite successful, although it is totally useless for the other platforms.

5. Amazon Cloud Drive

 Top 5 cloud services for online backup - Amazon Cloud Drive

With 5GB of free storage, Amazon’s very own cloud storage option, is a cheaper alternative. Amazon has recently launched the cheapest tablet from a major manufacturer namely, the Amazon Kindle Fire which is already pre-booked in huge numbers. With Kindle Fire, Amazon offers unlimited free space for all your digital content you have purchased on Amazon, so you would be seeing more of this service in the future. It is noteworthy to mention that songs purchased from Amazon Music store are saved directly to your Amazon Cloud Drive, moreover it doesn’t consume your storage limit. On the downside, It lacks some essential features and most importantly, a desktop client. You can’t always upload files via web interface, can you?

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