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Top 5 Customization apps for Android Devices

Android Smartphone’s are growing stronger in market. No matter if you are a fan of HTC Sense phones with its attractive UI, Samsung TouchWiz phones, or stock Android phones, there are five apps that should be installed on every Android phone to make them better. Let’s check those apps.

Top 5 apps for Android Devices:



It is a Custom launchers app, a lot of which is available on the Android Market, allows a user to change user interface elements such as the dock, home screen transitions, app icons, the App Drawer, highlight colors, and many more.  This custom launcher even allows creation of widgets. When you open up the App Drawer in Launcher Pro Plus, you can choose between a standard 2D vertical scroll and a 3D scroll.  The app also gives you the ability to hide apps you don’t need to see in your App Drawer. Really though, there’s not too much to customize in the App Drawer. At the bottom of each Home Screen is a dock which provides an option for you to have up to five apps in each dock.  You can have up to three docks to scroll through (that’s a total of 15 apps being available on three separate screens). Launcher Pro Plus has beautiful widgets that make the app worth the money.  The app has a very nice transparent look and excellent functionality. This app is free on android market you can download it bellow.



This app helps you to create your own ringtone, alarm, or notification sound from an existing audio file, or record a new one directly on the device. You can playback the section you’ve isolated at any time, and once you’re satisfied that it’s what you’re after you can save it as a separate file. At this stage you can also assign it a function – be it ringtone, alarm, notification or just a plain old music track that you want to listen to later. This application is compatible with most Android devices running system versions 1.6 (‘donut’) through 2.3.x (‘gingerbread’. This app is free on android market you can download it bellow.



A new stylish app for Android Home Screen, Instead of several desktop style screens with widgets and icons, SlideScreen was only one screen, with sections for missed calls, emails, SMS, weather and time, Twitter, RSS and stocks. All useful stuff and you could “slide” the weather/time block up or down to expand the information. Francis and I love our Android phones, and thought this had the potential to add a great deal of functionality to our phones. This app is free you can download it bellow.

Open Home:


Open Home Android App allows you to customize your Android phone’s desktop. It supports multiple screens to place icons for apps or widgets (Clock, Google Search, Battery Status, Weather, etc.). Open Home Android App features a touch screen virtual keyboard to type keywords into the Google Search Widget. Open Home supports auto-rotate and Skin chooser, so you can browse skins in the Android Market to further customize you phone. One of the stand-out features of Open Home is “Live Folders“, which is an Android firmware 1.5 feature, you can display any source of data on the Home screen without forcing the launch of an application. A Live Folder can be used to display all your contacts, your bookmarks, your email, your play-lists, an RSS feed, etc. This app is free you can download it bellow.

Power Strip: Multitasking Dock:

Power Strip: Multitasking Dock

Power Strip is a dock-like home application bringing up shortcuts and widgets right on your current activity. The key difference between Power Strip and other replacement home apps is that Power Strip doesn’t really have its own window. It’s more of an overlay that pops up on top of whatever it was you already had open.You have two ways to wear Power Strip on your phone. You can choose to use it as your home application, where it essentially replaces your native home screen. Or you can choose to keep your home application as it is, and activate Power Strip by long-pressing your phone’s search button.

When the app is open it has three panels that take up the bottom three-fifths of your screen. The bottom strip acts as tabs, where you can choose Apps, Shortcuts, Recent, or Context. Just above that is the Widget Strip, where you can add or remove links to any of the widgets that you have installed on your phone (notice I said links to). The top pane (what I’ll call the Viewer Pane) is the biggest, and changes depending on which tab or widget you have selected below. Hitting the Apps tab is the same as opening the default app drawer on your stock Android home screen–it shows all of your apps in the Viewer Pane. This app is free on android market you can download it bellow.

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