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Various Amazon Kindle Fire models receive OTA software updates


Amazon has released software updates for the newer tablets in its series of Kindle Fire tablets.

The Kindle Fire models that are in line for updates include the second generation Kindle Fire, the Kindle Fire HD 7 inch and the 8.9 inch Kindle Fire HD.

The updates are being rolled out as over the air downloads, making it a breeze for anyone with a working internet connection to update their Amazon tablets with as little fuss as one could possibly ask for.

One of the biggest issues with most Android OEMs down the years has been the lack of long term software support. Each and every one of the OEMs invariably decides to slap on a custom skin on top of the stock Android version that powers their smartphone or tablet. Amazon took that to an entirely new level altogether, as the software that powered its Kindle Fire and Kindle Fire HD tablets was an almost unrecognizable version of Android.

However, as it turns out, they haven’t left their customers in the lurch in any way whatsoever. One of the most interesting new features brought about by the new software update is the “X-Ray for Textbooks”. The X-Ray creates a dynamic glossary that helps textbook readers to get instant definitions to any and all important terms and concepts.

“Time to Read” is another rather dynamic feature that calculates how long you have to go in order to finish the book you’re reading, and this is done on the basis of your reading speed until your current reading position.

The fact that Amazon has stuck with its customers despite having a number of new products lined up is a lesson to the likes of Sony and HTC, who tend to delay their Android software launches to oblivion when they have new releases coming up. The fact that the new software additions are functional features rather than gimmicks is the icing on the cake. If you own any of these Kindle Fires, you should get these updates right away!

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