Alien autopsy: What lab tests on Mexico’s viral ‘non-human’ corpses revealed

In a recent display during Mexico’s first ever congressional hearing on the subject of UFOs, journalist and ufologist Jaime Maussan presented two artifacts claimed to be evidence of non-human life. The revelation quickly went viral online, fueling conspiracy theories while also drawing skepticism and ridicule from experts. Now, with forensic doctor José de Jesús Zalce Benítez examining these alleged alien bodies, we bring you the details of what the lab tests revealed.

An overview of the alien bodies

These so-called non-human corpses, dubbed “Clara” and “Gabriel,” have garnered significant attention from people both within and outside the UFO community. In addition to their unique physical features, such as their elongated skulls and large eye sockets, they reportedly possess internal structures that allegedly couldn’t be human in origin.

  • Clara is said to be ‘pregnant’
  • Both have unusual bone structures
  • The bodies have been mummified

However, scientists have previously dismissed similar specimens as being the mummified remains of ancient humans. Despite this skepticism, many still believe in the possibility of extraterrestrial life and continue to search for evidence to support this theory.

Lab tests reveal surprising findings

Analysis of Clara’s “eggs” using a CT scan

A thorough examination of Clara revealed that she was “pregnant” when she died, with mysterious eggs present inside her body. Dr. Zalce Benitez conducted a series of CT scans to better understand these peculiar objects. Although their exact nature remains unknown, they seem to defy conventional explanation.

Determination of the bodies’ origin

Both Clara and Gabriel’s bodies have undergone rigorous testing to determine their origins. Dr. Zalce Benitez asserts that the specimens are not assembled from multiple skeletons, as initially suspected by some experts.

This claim challenges previous theories that these alien corpses could have been fabricated or artificially altered human remains. However, without any conclusive evidence, the debate surrounding their authenticity continues to persist.

Reactions from the scientific community

The presentation of the alleged alien bodies at Mexico’s congressional hearing has led to criticism and skepticism from numerous scientists, including NASA scientist Dr. David Spergel. They argue that Maussan and his team have failed to provide sufficient evidence to support their claims. Others accuse them of promoting pseudoscience and sensationalism.

In contrast, several UFO enthusiasts believe that this discovery might represent a turning point in our understanding of extraterrestrial life. They claim that the unique features of Clara and Gabriel lend credence to the possibility of non-human beings having visited Earth in the past.

What does the future hold for these mysterious corpses?

As it stands, there is still no definitive answer regarding the true nature of these supposed alien bodies. While some remain convinced of their otherworldly origin, others dismiss them as nothing more than ancient human remains. The truth may lie somewhere in between.

Regardless, this recent display during Mexico’s first-ever congressional hearing on UFOs highlights the ongoing global interest in the subject and fuels the desire to explore the unknown. As technology and scientific knowledge continue to advance, perhaps one day soon, we will be able to unlock the secrets behind these fascinating specimens and uncover the reality of extraterrestrial life.


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