FIFA Football Game Takes Over Ripple’s NFT Sector: A Game-Changing Phenomenon?

In the ever-evolving world of NFTs, the FIFA World Cup AI League has emerged as a standout on the Ripple XRP Ledger. According to data from the Bithomp explorer, this AI-driven football management game accounted for 88.7% of all new NFTs created on the XRPL in the last 30 days, totaling 428,000 NFTs.

This achievement solidified the game’s position as the top NFT creator on the XRP Ledger. NFTs on Ripple have been gaining popularity despite XRP not being a traditional smart contract platform and despite the downturn in the NFT market.

According to the official portal, the FIFA World Cup AI League offers players a unique experience by allowing them to manage their own team of AI-driven football players. With an emphasis on strategic gameplay, managers can combine AI skills and player combinations to optimize performance in matches against teams from all over the world.

Developed through a collaboration between Futureverse, a technological and cultural foundation for the open metaverse, and FIFA, the FIFA World Cup AI League has garnered attention for its innovative approach in combining AI technology with sports games.

In the broader context of the XRP Ledger, there are a total of 2.11 million NFTs, with modest 156,936 active buying and selling listings.

In the broader context, this week, District Court Judge Analisa Torres rejected the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission’s (SEC) motion to appeal the favorable decision for Ripple Labs in the SEC v. Ripple case involving the XRP token. Judge Torres denied the SEC’s motion, stating that the regulatory body failed to meet the burden of showing there were issues of law interpretation or substantial grounds for differences of opinion on the matter.

However, the decision does not represent a definitive defeat for the regulatory body, as Torres scheduled a trial to address the outstanding issues regarding the matter for April 23, 2024.

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