From Outrageous Bow Ties to Gloves, It Wasn’t Gold That Shimmered at the Globes – You Won’t Believe What Did!

Could have been gold jewelry, gemstone necklaces or sparkling bracelets, but at the Golden Globes ceremony this Sunday, October 1st, Portuguese celebrities chose other accessories that, even though not made of gold, caught everyone’s attention. One of the most popular choices were bows, presented in various forms. Mariana Monteiro wore them in mini format along her soft pink Redondo Brand dress, radio host Joana Cruz wore a red shirt that completed a Roselyn Silva ensemble, and both Sofia Arruda and Carolina PatrocĂ­nio opted for exaggerated bows, on the front and on the back of their dresses, respectively. Apart from this detail related to the “Balletcore” trend, long gloves were also a common sight on the red carpet, worn by celebrities like Cláudia Vieira and Andreia Rodrigues, as well as other details that adorned the arms, following the “One Shoulder” trend such as capes with feathers or tulle. Take a look at what the celebrities wore to complete their looks at the Golden Globes. Bows, Gloves, “One Shoulder”, Feathers and Tulle.

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