Groundbreaking Study Uncovers the Top 10 Most Popular Cryptocurrencies of 2023 – You Won’t Believe What They Are!

A recent study conducted by cryptocurrency experts at has revealed the most popular cryptocurrencies worldwide in 2023, with Bitcoin leading the list. The study analyzed average search volumes over the past few months to determine which cryptocurrencies have been the most popular globally this year.

The research indicated that Bitcoin is by far the most popular cryptocurrency, with an average of 11,420,000 searches per month worldwide in 2023. Not only is it the most popular, but it is also the oldest cryptocurrency, launched in 2009, with the identity of its creator still unknown.

Coming in second on the list is Terra Luna, the cryptocurrency of the Terra blockchain. It has had an average of 2,420,000 searches per month worldwide this year. Terra Luna was launched in April 2019 by developers from Terraform Labs, founded by Do Kwon and Daniel Shin.

The first memecoin to appear on the list is Shiba Inu, which had an average of 1,730,000 monthly searches worldwide in 2023. The price of Shiba Inu has fluctuated since its introduction, most notably in 2021, with a 240% increase in value.

In fourth place on the list is Ethereum, which has had an average of 1,400,000 searches per month worldwide in 2023 so far. Its founder, Vitalik Buterin, has become one of the biggest influencers in the cryptocurrency world.

The fifth spot is occupied by Flow, from the Flow blockchain, which is used in many cryptocurrency games and applications. It is one of the newest cryptocurrencies on the list, created in April 2023, and has had an average of 1,190,000 monthly searches in 2023.

Dogecoin, another meme coin previously promoted by Elon Musk, ranks sixth, just outside the top five, with 1,080,000 searches per month.

“Based on these results, it is evident that Bitcoin remains the leader. However, what is surprising is the diversity of this list, with some of the previously most valuable cryptocurrencies, such as Dogecoin, not even making it into the top five. It is also interesting to see the presence of both old and new cryptocurrencies, showcasing how quickly the market can change,” said a spokesperson from

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