Mercadona’s Laundry Detergent Battle: Unveiling the Ultimate Winner!

There are two laundry detergents from Mercadona that are rivals when it comes to washing clothes, even within the Versa office. One went viral and the other remained in the shadows of the shelves, only discovered by those who are not into TikTok trends.

Between these two Mercadona favorites, the Detergente Colónia Hipoalergénico (green) or the Detergente Frescura Azul (blue), which are completely different from each other, one thing is certain: each journalist at Versa has their own favorite.

After several uses, we have plenty of arguments to defend them, so let’s delve into them:

In favor of Detergente Colónia Hipoalergénico:
– The scent from the packaging may resemble a bathroom perfume, but when the clothes come out of the washing machine, we are pleasantly surprised by a pleasant smell, as if the clothes had just been freshly laundered in a professional laundry service.
– The cologne aroma lingers on the clothes for a long time, whether they are being worn or stored in drawers.
– No need for fabric fresheners anymore. Despite the famous one from Mercadona and other competitor’s alternatives with proven results, using them becomes unnecessary due to the intensity of the detergent’s aroma.
– It provides 46 doses and costs less than €4, which is a lower price compared to other store brands or well-known brands.

In favor of Detergente Frescura Azul:
– When we open the packaging, the aroma surprises instantly, and even after washing, the clothes maintain an apparent fresh smell that lasts throughout the day, even with multiple uses.
– Aside from smelling good, this detergent also washes clothes better. White clothes become effectively white, and tough stains are easily removed. For even more effective results, combining it with the famous sodium percarbonate is recommended.
– It has never gone out of stock, making it easier to find than its “rival”.
– It also provides 46 doses and costs less than €4.

Final verdict: There may be several reasons why we prefer one or the other laundry detergent from Mercadona, but the best detergent will always be the one that pleases each person’s sense of smell.

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