Portugal Adds Another UNESCO World Heritage Site to its Collection – Find Out Which Stunning Location Made the Cut!


The UNESCO has recently released a list of World Heritage sites, and there is a new addition from Portugal. The historic center of GuimarĂ£es and the Couros area were already considered UNESCO World Heritage sites, but now the classification has expanded to include two monastic complexes and the industrial zone of Couros, which got its … Read more

Unveiling Bershka’s Mind-Blowing New Clogs That Could Be From Another Planet!


The avant-garde limited edition clogs are back at Bershka, in partnership with RAL7000STUDIO, a talented design collective based in Italy. Drawing inspiration from the digital world, this footwear incorporates sculptural volumes defined by organic lines inspired by natural elements and utilizing 3D techniques. This project is part of Bershka’s 25th anniversary celebration and serves as … Read more

Discover the Jaw-Dropping Secrets of Blepharoplasty: The Magical Eye Rejuvenation Surgery!


Blepharoplasty, also known as eyelid surgery, is the most comprehensive approach for treating sagging eyelid skin and excess or misplaced orbital fat that accompanies aging. The surgery involves removing excess skin, reinforcing lax tissues of the lower eyelid when necessary, and repositioning or removing fatty deposits in both eyelids. To shed light on the subject, … Read more