Parliament Creates Groundbreaking Initiative, Tapping into Blockchain Technology for Government Operations – You Won’t Believe the Potential Impact!

Federal Deputy Caio Vianna (PSD-DF) has submitted a request to establish the Parliamentary Front for Blockchain and Innovation (FPBI) in the Chamber of Deputies. The front has received support from approximately 200 members of Congress.

According to Vianna, the FPBI will be the first front dedicated to discussing this topic in Congress and its mission is to foster innovation and the technological sector in Brazil.

“Our priority is to create laws that encourage and regulate the application of blockchain in various areas, as well as attract investments from both the public and private sectors. We believe that a suitable regulatory environment and proper funding are essential for the expansion and consolidation of blockchain technology in our country,” said Vianna.

Vianna stated that considering the growing impact and opportunities that blockchain technology provides to various sectors, its adoption can optimize public services, reduce bureaucracy, streamline processes, and facilitate interoperability between different government entities.

Furthermore, Vianna highlighted that blockchain implementation has the potential to transform sectors such as the economy, healthcare, logistics, education, and public administration. This is because the technology is recognized for its ability to ensure transparency, security, traceability, and immutability of records, which are essential to address challenges in various sectors such as data leaks, fraud, lack of trust in transactions, and integrity issues.

Through the REQ 3358/2023, Vianna emphasizes that the FPBI is committed to conducting multiple discussions to clarify and deepen the understanding of the subject.

“As the president of the FPBI, I can affirm that we will have various thematic coordinations focused on key topics such as blockchain and innovation, tokenization, the digital universe, Web3, artificial intelligence, among others. These coordinations will be led by fellow parliamentarians who will study and present proposals related to their area of expertise,” highlights Deputy Caio Vianna.

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