Receiving Online Purchases While on Vacation: A Practical Guide

August is a great time for vacations away from home, but online shopping enthusiasts don’t have to miss out on those buying opportunities during this period. However, the time to receive packages is limited or not even possible for several days. Many choose to postpone these purchases until after their vacations, potentially missing out on certain promotions. With alternative delivery services like InPost, this is no longer a concern.

InPost Pack Points are an alternative for receiving packages during vacation time


If you didn’t know, this leading logistics company in Europe specializes in non-domiciliary deliveries and has 1300 collection points (Ponto Pack) in Portugal. With this model, users can choose where they want to receive their packages when they are not at home.

This means that you don’t have to be present to receive the delivery. “Users select the Ponto Pack where they want to receive their purchases and will be notified when the package arrives at one of these locations, so they can pick it up whenever they want,” explains Nicola D’Elia, CEO for Spain, Portugal, and Italy at the InPost group.

The idea is that the package will be stored safely, without you having to worry about its security. It’s important to note that these InPost points can be computer stores, tobacco shops, florists, hairdressers, and other retail stores.

Your order can be stored at Points Pack for up to 8 days

Users can choose a convenient location to pick up their package, avoiding failed deliveries. With a location near their home or workplace, they can often walk to pick up the package.

It is worth noting that users have up to 8 days to pick up their package at the designated pick-up point, which typically has extended opening hours. To find out the associated costs and locate the nearest pick-up points, users can visit the official website of InPost.

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