Shocking Revelation: Only 13 Exchanges Control Nearly 15% of the World’s Cryptocurrencies!

According to data from the Arkham Intelligence blockchain explorer, the 13 largest cryptocurrency exchanges in the market are managing a total value of R$ 7.64 trillion, with Binance leading by a wide margin, holding R$ 3.26 trillion in reserves. Binance’s assets include 21.02 billion Tether (USDT) and 671,981 BTC, with a combined value of R$ 1.95 trillion. Additionally, the exchange held assets worth R$ 631.61 billion in ETH and R$ 310.55 billion in BNB as of September 27.

These user assets held by Binance represent 42.81% of the total value of assets held by the 13 exchanges (R$ 7.64 trillion). Coinbase, on the other hand, holds a total of 946,618 Bitcoins (BTC), valued at R$ 4.24 trillion. Another R$ 1.35 trillion in value is attributed to Coinbase’s ETH holdings, and there are R$ 26.80 billion in LINK held by the San Francisco-based trading platform.

The concentration of cryptocurrencies in a few exchanges is evident. OKX manages a total of R$ 2.81 trillion, of which R$ 1 trillion is in USDT. OKX also holds R$ 752.36 billion in BTC, R$ 677.63 billion in OKB, and R$ 351.64 billion in ETH. Bitfinex, as of September 27, had R$ 3.21 trillion in AUM with 225,231 Bitcoins, totaling R$ 1.17 trillion. The exchange also holds another R$ 643.61 billion in ETH.

Robinhood has a total of R$ 1.26 trillion, of which R$ 639.19 billion is in Bitcoin (BTC). Approximately R$ 547.74 billion of Robinhood’s assets consist of ETH holdings. Among the five exchanges mentioned earlier, the trading platforms collectively hold R$ 6.34 trillion of the aggregated R$ 7.64 trillion.

Other exchanges mentioned include Kraken with a treasure of R$ 1.18 trillion, Bybit with robust R$ 903.56 billion, holding R$ 816.30 billion, Gemini with vaults containing R$ 787.46 billion, HTX (formerly Huobi) with R$ 731.45 billion, KuCoin with R$ 380.18 billion, Deribit with R$ 359.90 billion, and Upbit with an amount of R$ 266.03 billion.

These statistics highlight the significant centralization of cryptocurrency assets in a handful of exchanges.

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