The Price of the Google Pixel 8 in Europe: A Closer Look

The price of the Google Pixel 8 in Europe has been revealed and it is expected to be quite expensive. Like most highly anticipated electronic devices, the price is often the subject of rumors and leaks. However, unlike the design, which can be revealed by third-party partners, the pricing is determined by the manufacturer’s teams and is typically one of the last details to be known. Nevertheless, there are instances where the price is known prior to the official announcement of the device, and it seems to be the case for the highly anticipated Google Pixel 8 smartphone.

The known price of the Google Pixel 8 in Europe


The official press event for the Pixel 8 and Pixel 8 Pro is scheduled for October 4, 2023, in the United States, according to TheTechOutlook. The tech website claims to have obtained the global pricing structure, indicating high costs for the new devices in Europe. The Google Pixel 8, with 128GB storage, is reportedly priced at 874 € (including a 23% VAT), available in mint green, rose, obsidian, and hazel. The 256GB version is said to cost 949 €, an increase of 75 €. In contrast, the Google Pixel 7 was priced at 649 € for the 128GB version in 2022.

and it’s going to hurt your wallet

The Google Pixel 8 Pro is reportedly priced from €1,235 for its 128 GB variant, a significant increase from the €899 price tag of the Google Pixel 7 Pro in 2022. It’s noteworthy that the Mountain View company chose to maintain its pricing last year, unlike most other manufacturers, including Apple, who significantly raised their prices. It appears the time has come for the American giant to catch up on this aspect, regardless of the impact on consumer wallets.

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