Unveiling the Rift: The Hidden Reasons Behind Miley Cyrus’ Disappointment with Her Siblings

Last month, on August 19th, Tish Cyrus, the mother of singer Miley Cyrus, married Prison Break actor Dominic Purcell. Only three of the bride’s five children attended, including the singer daughter. Sources close to the family confirmed that Miley was extremely disappointed and hurt by her siblings’ immaturity.

Better Understand the Case

During her parents’ separation in 2020, Miley distanced herself from her father and stood by her mother. This support grew even stronger after Billy Ray entered into a new relationship with a younger woman, which Miley claims makes her father look foolish and naïve. While Miley understood the divorce of Tish and Billy well, her siblings Noah and Braison Cyrus cannot say the same.

According to a source from ‘In Touch’, the siblings did not attend their mother’s wedding because they do not support Tish’s relationship with the actor. The source further explained that the two are going through a difficult time with their parents’ separation, even though the public announcement happened three years ago.

“They love their mother, but it has been hard for them to adjust to a new husband who is not their father.

Tish and the Children

The same source assured that Tish was devastated by the situation because it was important for her to have all her children by her side during such an important moment in her life. The mother of the singer, who is the owner of the hit ‘Flowers’, said she feels that Billy is her true love and expressed her hope that her children can mature as soon as possible so that they can experience this beautiful phase with her.

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