Unveiling the Unexpected Ending of Depois da Cabana: A Netflix Series

Netflix has released another German miniseries that manages to captivate viewers until the very last episode. We’re talking about “Depois da Cabana” (Dear Child in English) and its psychological suspense plot involving a kidnapped woman who escapes captivity and reopens a 13-year-old unsolved disappearance investigation. With standout performances from actors Kim Riedle, Naila Schuberth, and Sammy Schrein, “Depois da Cabana” has been leading the Top 10 most-watched series in Brazil since its premiere on September 7th. If you can’t wait to find out who the woman posing as the missing Lena Beck is and who the villain behind this adaptation of Romy Hausmann’s best-selling novel is, keep reading! Introducing “Corpo em Chamas,” Netflix’s new suspense series.

Explained Ending of Depois da Cabana


After several plot twists, the police confirm the true identity of the kidnapped woman who had been posing as Lena Beck. Her real name is Jasmin Grass and the child accompanying her, Hannah, is not her biological daughter. Jasmin had lied about her identity, but there is a shocking reason behind her decision: the kidnapper who held Lena captive is the same man who had kidnapped her. Authorities discover that Lena had been a victim of kidnapping and sexual violence for years. The abuse resulted in the births of Hannah, Johnattan, and a third baby who did not survive along with Lena. The kidnapper would burn his victims’ hands to make them resemble Lena. Unsatisfied with Lena’s death, the kidnapper started capturing other women who physically resembled her to “replace” her. Jasmin Grass is the third victim and had been living in captivity with the children for 5 months. The next twist in the miniseries occurs when Hannah reveals herself as an accomplice to her “Daddy.” The plan was to accompany Jasmin to the hospital, wait for her treatment, and facilitate a reunion with the criminal. The kidnapper manages to kidnap Jasmin and Hannah again, but Jasmin fights for her freedom until the end. Pretending to faint, she stabs her attacker to death. In the end, everyone moves on: Detective Bühling finds peace with his conscience, Lena’s parents take care of their grandchildren, and Jasmin tries to find some normalcy in her new life.

Who is the kidnapper in Depois da Cabana?

The kidnapper’s name in “Depois da Cabana” is Lars Rogner. He worked for a private security company when he met Lena’s family. His past is as troubled as his criminal actions that were revealed after Jasmin’s escape. Lars Rogner kidnapped women due to a trauma from his past. His mother was abused by her own father, which resulted in Lars being abandoned as a child. This trauma fueled his obsession to find someone similar to his mother and start a family, leading to the kidnapping of Lena Beck and the other women. Were you expecting this ending in “Depois da Cabana”? Discover more amazing series and movies set to premiere in September 2023 on Netflix!

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